OUR STORY – St Lucia Sea Moss
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    At St. Lucia Sea Moss Ltd we aim to provide natural, sustainable, and healthy products of all kinds.

    This company is founded by a British/Caribbean couple with family in the beautiful Island of St Lucia.

    How it all started…

    Back in 2016 when we found out we would be having our first child, we made the decision to switch to a plant-based lifestyle. As a result of making this change to our lifestyle we became extremely interested in herbal remedies and natural products. Our research led us towards Sea Moss or Irish Moss as it is commonly known. We read many different studies and watched numerous videos on the amazing health benefits of Sea Moss. We began searching for some to buy in the UK however, found it extremely difficult to source good quality Sea Moss here, most of the sellers seemed to be based in the US.

    Through our research we found that some of the best quality Sea Moss came from islands within the Caribbean. We spoke with family members living in St Lucia to see if they could put us in contact with someone whom we could purchase Sea Moss from. To our surprise they put us in direct contact with the aqua cultural farmers who cultivate the Sea Moss there.

    After speaking with the farmers, they gave us a great deal of information about their Sea Moss, it is grown naturally in protected coastal waters and is some of the best quality you can find. We were also thrilled to find out that the government are supporting the farmers to ensure that sustainable farming practices are maintained. We were so excited about all of this and decided we needed to share our find amongst the people in the UK. We ordered our first shipment of Sea Moss from St Lucia. When it arrived, we were ecstatic about the amazing quality, it is so fresh and clean. We began to consume the Sea Moss daily as a family and after several days of use we already began to feel the health benefits. We noticed it gave us a lot of energy, it helped with bloating and was even improving the appearance of our skin. We have now established a close working relationship with the farmers and were even fortunate enough to have our family visit the farm and work there for the day. We are incredibly grateful to be sharing Sea Moss & other herbal remedies from St Lucia with the public here in the UK, it makes us extremely happy to see more people adding this to their daily health regime.

    Along with our close connection and love for the Islands we wanted to create natural products that incorporate ingredients found closer to home. We decided to expand our team and we now have several creative individuals who are passionate about herbs, handmaking beautiful products to share with our customers such as soy wax candles, herbal body oils, yoni steam blends and more. This is when we decided to introduce the collection 'Lucia Naturals'.
    A big thank you to the beautiful creatives, Tyra, Hero & Limara for joining us.

    We also think it is extremely important to acknowledge and support other small businesses and find ways in which we can encourage and work with one another. We have recently begun a collaboration with the talented 'Balancing Beads' and hope we can collaborate with more like-minded creatives in the near future.

    We hope you enjoyed reading our story. We thank you all for your constant support. We love you, we appreciate you, and we wish you peace, love & good health.

    Tamisha & Ashley x