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    Hand-Wrapped Cleansing Smudge Stick with Palo Santo

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    Hand-Wrapped Cleansing Smudge Stick with Palo Santo

    Burning Sage or ‘Smudging’ is an ancient spiritual ritual. A tradition which has been used by many different cultures around the world.

    Palo Santo known as ‘Holy Wood’ is also used for spiritual rituals, burning either Sage or Palo Santo is used to purify and cleanse a sacred space or object, as well as to ward off negative energies and promote healing.

    Hand wrapped smudge sticks made from wild harvested white sage.

    Our Palo Santo Sticks are sourced from Peru where they have been sustainably harvested from wild Palo Santo trees which have naturally fallen, this is a practice regulated by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture (SERFOR).

    Affirmation for ‘smudging’:

    “I cleanse this sacred space,
    Negative & stagnant energy is removed from here,
    Fill this space with love, light and healing"


    Californian White Sage (Salvia apiana), Palo Santo Wood

    (Both approx. 10cm in length).

    How to prepare for ‘Smudging’:

    Before you begin burning the Sage or Palo Santo, set your intentions. These can be related to a spiritual practice, something you are trying to release or simply asking to cleanse the space.

    You should also open the windows before you begin, this will allow the smoke to escape, the smoke will carry impurities and negative energy out with it. Do not burn sage without allowing the smoke to flow out through open windows.

    Consider where the fire alarms are before you start to avoid setting them off.

    How to Smudge:

    • Light the ends of the stick, quickly blow out the flames until you just have smoke.
    • Be sure to hold a ceramic bowl or dish with you to catch any ash that may fall off the smudge stick as you are burning it.
    • Direct the smoke around the area you wish to cleanse, this may be your body, your living space, an object, or crystals.
    • Speak your intentions as you cleanse.
    • When you are finished dab out the ends into the bowl or dish or you can wet the ends of the stick to bring the smoke to a stop.
    • Store your smudge stick in a cool dry place away from the sun.

    Benefits of Burning Sage & Palo Santo:

    • Purifies the air
      White Sage contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help to purify the air when burned. It is said that sage can help those with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues (not advised to inhale the smoke whilst sage is burning, wait for the smoke to clear and breathe in the purified air afterwards).
    • Spiritual Aid
      Burning Sage and Palo Santo can help to bring about a healing state, known to cleanse spiritual impurities or clear away ‘bad vibes.’ Certain types of Sage contain thujone, research shows that this compound is mildly psychoactive. Thujone can also be found in other plants that are traditionally used for spiritual rituals.
    • Helps to Improve Mood
      Burning Sage and Palo Santo can help to clear negativity and soothe stress in the person undergoing the ‘smudging’.
    • Uplifting Fragrance
      Burning Sage and Palo Santo gives off a pleasant aroma that can help to uplift a person object or space much like incense.